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Call Now: 888-542-1892

Low Income Cable Partners With Local Cable TV Providers!

Low Income Cable is proud to announce a deal with local cable TV providers that will offer affordable cable television services to families across the country who typically would not be able to afford premium high-cost cable TV packages. Low Income Cable is now an Authorized retailer of Spectrum and Time Warner Cable! With this new partnership, we can provide a host of new services ranging from basic cable TV packages, Broadband Internet packages, and cable, internet, and phone bundles. Installation and setup will be streamlined in order to get customers qualified, packages selected, and installation dates set within a short period of time.

Representatives will be on standby around the clock. Excellent service and a knowledgeable staff are there to assist customers with general questions about the service, as well as to provide guidance into choosing the best packages.

Call Toll Free: (888)542-1892 is widely known for providing low cost cable TV and internet services to under-served communities and to rural areas.

Limited Services Will Be Activated. Call Now to Get Yours!

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Our mission is simple. We provide affordable cable TV service and internet services. Getting set up is simple. We have representatives ready to assist you find the most affordable cable TV service for your money.

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More than 35 million households across the U.S. are unable to afford premium television services. We operate in all 50 states, and we specialize in saving our customers money.

Call Toll Free: (888)542-1892

Qualifying is Easy - Regardless of your income level. Cheap cable is a phone call away. We are Authorize Retailers of Spectrum and Time Warner Cable. Time Warner does not offer government sponsored low income programs, but does offer basic cable TV services at affordable rates. Check out our low rates on other home utility assistance services. Save money on cable today!

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With service across all 50 states, it's no wonder why residents are switching to low cost cable service. Reducing your bills is a huge way to save money while at the same time providing entertainment for your family.