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This is the cable company Newark NJ has been waiting for. Low Income Cable is providing affordable basic cable packages to Newark residents and surrounding communities. Bundle your entertainment services and save up to 30%. Get digital cable packages and Hi Def movie channels all for one low price. You can also select High Speed Internet Service. Cable TV Service in Newark is a cinch!

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How do I qualify?

Low Income Cable doesn't have any income requirements. So whether you make a little, or a lot, we can find a cable package to fit your budget.
Low Income Cable was developed in 2010 as an answer to constantly rising cable TV prices. We work with multiple local cable providers in an effort to promote competitive local pricing. Simply put, we want you to have lower cable rates. Check out our partner site - Lo low income utility services.

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Previously, in Newark, there were only a few choices of cable companies, like Time Warner, Verizon, Time Warner, and Roadrunner. Today, with smaller companies on the scene and more stiff competition, companies like us are able to jump in and bring the savings to you.

We welcome you to compare our prices to your current cable provider. Chances are that we can meet or even beat your pricing. You'll see why thousands of NJ, NY, RI, MA residents are changing over to cheap cable TV. It only makes sense.



Our mission is simple. We strive to lower cable TV rates across the country. We work with carriers in every state.

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