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Affordable Cable TV for Low Income Seniors

We know that finding an affordable cable TV or satellite TV plan for seniors can be a challenge. Low Income Cable works with most major TV providers to locate the best cable packages for residents on fixed incomes. Experience over 100 channels and even access TV on the go with our portable TV on the go app. Once you're subscribed, you will have access to all of your favorite local TV stations as well as movie channels, lifestyle channels, and channels that the entire family can enjoy.

1. Make a list of what channels you want

Making a list of your prefered list of channels ahead of time will help the price quoting process when you're signing up for a new Cable or Satellite TV plan. In most cases, TV providers break out packages by groups of channels. By knowing which channels you're interested in, they can put together a plan that includes all of the channels you're interested in. Keep in mind that some channels are considered "premium" and the costs may be slightly higher to include these. Other channels are only included in bundled channel packages, so before you order your cable TV package, have a solid idea of which channels you would be interested in.

2. Call Your Local Cable Company

The next step in getting the best cable TV or satellite tv rates is to contact cable companies in your area to find out who offers the best deals on the channels and services you're interested in. Many people don't understand that when it comes to comparing prices, competition is your friend. The more cable TV companies that are in a particular area, the better deals you are more likely to find. When one company lowers their price, competitors will typically adjust their prices in an attempt to grab more customers Not all companies have senior tv cable plans, or even offer cable discounts for seniors.

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3. Ask the name of the Cable TV Representative that you're speaking to

Asking the name of the person you're speaking to can serve multiple purposes. When signing up for a new Cable or Satellite TV plan, sometimes things can get confusing. Typically if a you ask a person's name, they're a little more aware of what's being said on a call. They also tend to be a bit nicer because now you're on a first name basis with them. Being friendly goes a long way. If you'r truly nice, sometimes your customer service rep may even tell you about a package or a deal that you had no clue existed.

4. Ask If Your Satellite Company Offers Senior Discounts

Discounts for senior citizens is not something that many companies openly advertise. When searching for a cable TV service in your area, simply ask them if they offer a senior plan, or a discount for seniors. In many cases, they want your business and they appreciate cusotmers who will be loyal, pay ontime, and not cancel their service. For these reasons, many cable companies may offer lower package pricing for senior citizens. Doesn't hurt to ask if they have cable tv for low income seniors!

Low Income Cable realizes the struggle of many elderly residents who are searching for a more affordable cable TV plan. Our goal is to search out the best prices, and the best package deals and pass those along to our customers. If you're looking for the best deals and discounts available, check our website often, or give us a call. Within minutes, you will know the best TV prices in your area.

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    Low Income Cable for seniors

    Now that you've read all that Low Income Cable has to offer for seniors, you've checked out or affordable packages and pricing, all that's left is to call and set your installation date! Our friendly staff will walk you through oall of our plans and pricing while helping you ge the TV deal that's best for your budget and your family.Getting affordable senior TV has never been easier. We also have special pricing for senior apartments and elderly communities. If you're an administrator at one of these facilities, give us a call, we can assist you in getting affordable TV as an added amenity. This will help you to attract and retain more clients.

    Basic TV for Elderly Residents

    Getting basic cable TV packages for elderly seniors is what we specialize in. Get TV and internet services for homes, apartments, and duplex units.We even offer the best bundle deals for seniors. Give us a call today!


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