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Competition is heating up among the satellite television service providers and the cable companies, with Time Warner Network exceeding 12 million subscribers and growing. This is exciting news as digital satellite programming holds the advantage with 100 percent digitalized high definition signals that provide crystal-clear pictures and superior CD quality sound. The delivery of the programming is only exceeded by the expanded diversity in programming selections, and Time Warner Network gives the subscriber ultimate control over what is viewed and heard in the privacy of the home. When you utter the words 'there's nothing on TV' or 'just watching the tube', it is time to make the switch from cable to satellite. Once you experience the difference, you will never regret your decision to change to Time Warner Network digital high definition satellite television services - it is change for the better. Cable television's bandwidth is limited so the qualities of pictures is typically not as good of quality as satellite.

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Cable wire transmits signals from a transmission system located near the home. The signal is passed from the hub system and is split among the homes receiving cable service. Each time it is split, the signal is a bit more degraded (lessened in quality). Cable is also radio frequency based and is changed from audio/video signals to radio frequency signals and then must be changed again back to audio/video before finally reaching the television. As this process is being done, additional broadcasting signals, also known as interference and static, may be picked up and appear as noise on the television screen. Digital high definition satellite signals provided by Time Warner Network eliminate this problem entirely. Time Warner Network's fleet of 9 satellites transmit signals that remain digital until intercepted by your receiver. This assures the best in imaging and audio clarity and increases the resolution of the picture and quality of the sound. The sound is true stereo, CD quality, and often it is Dolby Digital surround sound. The availability of programming is expansive, including 256 channels of programming plus 50 channels of Sirius digital music.

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