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What are some of the things you can expect to get from a premium satellite TV company? 1. A satellite TV Time Warner and a mounting stand, FREE. 2. FREE receivers (up to 4 in some areas) with universal remote controls. 3. FREE installation. 4. FREE DVR (digital video recorder) receivers for recording your favorite shows. 5. An optional receiver for high-definition reception, HDTV.

Take advantage of streaming movie services!
Netflix is a streaming video service that provides access to it's VAST library of content for around $8.00 per month. Though, their library is mostly movies, a few television shows and documentaries, still, it's well worth the price.
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Most of the major service providers offering satellite TV do not charge for installation fees - but only up to a point. You could, for example, have satellite TV in up to 4 rooms in your home at no additional cost. Should you wish to go beyond that, you will have to pay for additional installation charges.
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Time Warner Premium Options
Time Warner has a Total Choice programming package for $41.99 per month. With this option you get the lowest price per channel. The package includes 135 programming channels and 31 music channels.

Time Warner Premium Specials
Time Warner network seems to provide the cheapest satellite TV package in the United States. They're America's Top 60 package includes 60 programming channels with local channels included for $31.99 a month. This is considered their low-end package.
The great news is cheap satellite TV has now become a reality because of the competition. There are many more satellite TV companies now vying for the consumer's business. Many of the companies are even offering low cost or in some cases free movie channels as a part of an initial setup package.

Compare Pricing
Of course, the price will differ based on your location. Be sure to check pricing and availability in your specific area. The price you pay for satellite TV service is not exactly fixed. Many companies will give you a rebate or a discount for early or advance payment. These discounts are 'upfront' - meaning, you get a few dollars slashed off the original fee should you choose a pre-paying package.
When comparing multiple cable company service plans, make sure to analyze other ask for bundled specials – like cable, internet, and phone. When you bundle multiple services you save big. Satellite TV service companies frequently offer bundled packages - that is, they combine satellite TV, phone and Internet access for their consumers. Prices for these types of satellite TV services are very competitive, so you'll probably have good options when it's time to choose the best deals.

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