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Low Income Cable strives to be the cheapest cable company nationwide!

Who isn't looking for the cheapest cable company in their area? Have you noticed that the prices of cable TV and Satellite TV keep increasing? Are you a current TV subscriber who has opened their bill and almost passed out because the price you were quoted didn't match what actually showed up on the bill? Or better yet, have you opened your bill and found out that you were being billed for services you never even ordered? Well, you're not in the boat by yourself. We've heard all the complaints in the book and that's why we strive to give customers what they are looking for - a straight-forward affordable cable Tv plan.

We have partnered with some of the biggest names in the country to bring our customers the cheapest cable TV and satellite services in your areas. Get affordable prices, low cost, or free installation, and premium cable packages.

Call Toll Free: (888)542-1892 works with many of the larger media providers to bring our customers more affordable TV and satellite options.

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Our mission is simple. We partner with cheap cable providers in your area to bring you better deals on TV service. Getting set up is simple. Call our toll free number, press option 1 if you're a new customer, and then enter some basic details. once this is done you'll be able to select your package and your free installation date. It's just that simple!


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cheap cable providers is your place to find the best deals on discount cable services, cable installation packages, and Satellite TV package deals. You can even watch online TV! With our connections in the industry, we always make sure that you are have the most up-to-date channels, movies packages, cable deals, and sports packages in your local area. We provide service in most major metropolitan cities. Call us to verify coverage in your local area.

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With service across all 50 states, it's no wonder why residents are switching to low cost cable service. Reducing your bills is a huge way to save money while at the same time providing entertainment for your family.