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Save Money on your Monthly Cable TV Bill

Everyone knows the price of cable and satellite TV service is growing through the roof! Millions of TV watchers are looking for ways to save money, get better package deals, or if all else fails, they may ultimately consider cutting the cord altogether and eliminating their monthly TV bill. If you’re one of those customers who are on the edge and at their wit’s end, don’t go over the edge just yet. We’re going to show you 7 different things you can do to find cheap cable options and save money on your monthly bill

  • Ask for cheap cable options

  • Many people don’t realize that just by asking your sales or customer service representative, they may be able to help you put together a package that fits within your budget. Although many reps are trying to make a quick sale, if you’re nice, they often help you find a better deal.

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  • Ask for basic TV packages

  • A basic cable package typically costs between $40 to $60 per month, depending on your provider, your location, and the number of TV sets in your home. Basic packages may lack premium channels, but you will usually have access to local channels, which in many cases are enough to watch your favorite TV shows for a reasonable monthly price. works with many of the larger media providers to bring our customers more affordable TV and satellite options.

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  • Incorporate a Streaming Service

  • One way many customers are lowering their cable and satellite bills are by slimming down to cheap cable options such as a barebones TV package but also signing up for a streaming service like Netflix, Sling TV, ROKU or Playstation Vue. The catch here is to sign up for these services which can range from $10 to $25 per month, but you reduce your monthly cable bill by a whopping $75 to $100 per month. Most of these services will offer you a free trial period where you can try before you buy, but the catch is that you must have an internet connection to utilize the service.

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  • Cut back on your channel options

  • Some Sports packages can add a significant cost to your monthly price, but if you’re not an avid sports fan, this can be an easy way to save a few dollars. Some sports packages can add an additional $40 to $90 per month on your bill.

  • Rent Movies & Shows

  • Ok, I know this sounds a little archaic, but if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. By downgrading your monthly cable package, reducing your monthly bill, and renting movies that you want to see only when you want to see them. Most people don’t realize that when you pay for movie packages in your cable plan, the majority of times you’re paying for movies that you don’t watch on a regular basis. Why pay everyday to have access to something you’ll only use on occasion. It’s all about watching TV smarter, not costlier.

  • Get cable instead of satellite

  • One of the additional costs of satellite TV over cable TV is the fact that you also have to pay for additional equipment like the satellite dish. It’s not a huge expense, but if you’re being charged an extra $5 to $8 per month just for the privilege of having a dish on top of your home, why not take the cheaper route.

  • Be sure your basic channels include local programming

  • Be on the lookout for some companies that may try to bill you extra just to get access to local channels. This is actually common practice with some providers out there, but if you have an option, be sure local channels are included in your basic plan. By knowing this it’ll save you a few dollars per month.

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