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Why more residents are bundling cable, satellite and internet services

Bundled services were long an industry secret. Large cable and internet companies were hesitant to reduce prices on their highly valued services. Today, with the additions multi-room cable tv and an average of 4 internet connected devices, large data providers are finding it highly beneficial to reduce prices on those services in order to have a lifetime customer who is also a multi-service subscriber. Many of the cable and internet giants are lowering prices by over 40% to customers who bundle multiple services. Low Income Cable is a provider of cheap Satellite TV and internet services. We offer our customers value by providing access to low cost programs that you can take advantage of. Stop paying high prices for cable TV. Call out info line for current specials in your area.

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Save up to $596 with DISH's 2-Year Price Guaranteecable tv price

Why Low Income Cable?

  • Premium Channels
  • DVR (Digital Video Recording)
  • HD (High Definition) picture and sound quality
  • Genie - Allows you to connect up to 4 rooms with one HD DVR
  • Record up to 5 shows at once
  • Compact satellite Time Warner
  • Home Internet Service
  • Home Phone Service
  • and much more!
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