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Cable TV Deals for Texas Residents

Low Income Cable is announcing multiple cable TV and satellite specials for the Lone Star State. Texas is unique for many reasons. The cities and the populations are diverse, the overall makeup of the state gives you the perfect mixture of city living, but with a taste of the Old West. Texas was the perfect location for Low Income Cable to branch out and reach out to the thriving communities and local neighborhoods to provide affordable cable TV service.

Do you cable available in my area?
Of course we do. Low Income Cable provides cable and satellite service in all cities in Texas. From Houston to San Antonio, and everywhere in between.
Get affordable basic cable TV services at prices our competitors can only imagine. We also carry the best bundle deals on cable, internet and phone. If you’re looking for broadband cable or satellite internet, this is the place for you. Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t forget to call us (866)944-1755.


Low Income Cable TV Service

Why pay more for cable TV?
Our thousands of loyal customers will vouch that changing cable providers was one of the smartest moves they could make. What sense does it make to spend $150 per month for the same programs and features that you can get for a fraction of that cost. Cable deals are available in every city and every state- the problem is that most people either don’t know how to shop for discounts, or even worse, they don’t ask for discounts. Low Income Cable provides the information and the resources for you to lower your cable bill.
Just call our toll free number (866)944-1755 and our representatives will help walk you through our most recent specials and promotions. We offer packages for nearly any budget. Bargain pricing is what we specialize in.
Get Cheap Cable Today!