How to save money on Cable TV

Saving money on cable TV is not as easy as many people think. We make efforts to save money on many other things, like groceries, credit cards, gas, insurance. Why not save money on your cable bill that most of us are paying monthly for years at a time.

The first step in saving money on cable TV is to realize that competition brings prices lower.

Rule #1 – Check to see which cable companies provide service in your area. The more companies that service your area, the more chances you are to find introductory prices or free bundles for the first few months.

Rule #2 – Always ask for current specials or deals. Many large corporations provide ongoing promotions that they will only give you if you ask.

Rule #3 – Check online for coupon codes or promotional value deals. Many online specials will be accepted via phone.

Rule #4 – Unless you have a specific need for premium channels or sports packages, always start with the basic cable prices and add additional services when needed.  Don’t initially accept the bundled packages unless you know that adding individual services will cost you more in the long run.

These are just a few ways to save money. For more money saving tips, visit us on our website Low Income Cable or call directly (877) 650-4383