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4 Ways to Save Money Right Away!

In addition to showing you ways to save money on cable TV by calling Low Income Cable – I’ll also show you a few other was to save money on other every day tasks. Remember, the key to saving large amounts of money is making small cuts here and there. Several small savings create huge results.

By doing as many of these small things as possible, you’ll start to notice improvements in your financial situation. Obviously, everybody’s situation is different and all methods may not apply to each person, but try it and you’ll see for yourself!!

1) Turn off the television – Most Americans leave the TV on at night just for the light, or even for background noise. If your TV has a timer, set it to turn off at midnight, or at 2 AM. These small savings night over night will result in more money in your pocket at the end of the month. Just this one saving could result in nearly $200 per year.

2) Sign up for customer rewards if they’re offered – This sometimes seems like a pain if you’re not into it, but many of the customer rewards programs offer you a reward for being a frequent shopper or buyer. Yes, it’s in the company’s best interest to keep you as a returning customer, but if they’re offering you a benefit to buy from a place you were going to shop anyway, you might as well take it. Grocery stores, movie theaters, pharmacies, home  improvement stores. Nearly every type of major chain store has some type of reward program. This can be an additional $300 – $400 per year in savings.

3) Don’t be an impulse buyer – Some financial gurus tell you to wait 30 days before making a purchase for “wants”. Typically if you wait, you’ll realize that the purchase isn’t urgent and you can actually do without it. Sometimes it’s not even important enough for you to drive back to the store. Doing this you can save $400 – $500 per year in  unnecessary clothes, perfumes, or other small items that you can actually do without.

4) Ask for lower rates – If you have high interest credit cards, cable plans, or other accounts where rates can be negotiated, you’ll be surprised that just asking can make a huge difference. Ask for cable tv promotions! This is an easy $100 dollar savings per year.

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Cheap Cable Providers in Las Vegas

As with a number of residents in Las Vegas and surrounding areas, everyone is tired of paying an arm and a leg for basic cable Tv services.  All I want is affordable cable providers in my area. So far, I’ve tried Time Warner cable and they didn’t work out for me. I tried the bundle with cable, internet, and phone. It was priced too high, and then the internet service was constantly on the blink and coming through with really slow speeds. After multiple complaints and fruitless attempts at solving the problem, I decided to switch. I decided to move away from the big named companies and go for something a little more local, so I tried Low Income Cable, and it worked perfectly for me!! (866)944-1755

Is anyone else in the same boat?

Low Cost Cable Television

Considering one of these services? Like many millions other people, you are looking to upgrade your entertainment in your home. Recently the more popular choices include these 3 main players. Based on recent report on Kaptain Satellite website (, during last year 2005, DirecTV gained more than a million new subscribers. Similarly so for Dish Network. The interesting thing to note is that these new subscribers moved from a cable provider.
So why the phenomenon? What are the comparisons that can be made between these three different providers?
Well, both DirecTV and the Dish Network are on a level par in terms of features. They both offer free equipment and installation by professional satellite TV installers. Price wise, they have a much cheaper program rate than cable. And this is at least 50% cheaper at the basic level of subscription compared to cable.
However, the satellite TV giants differ on the issue of additional televisions being hooked up to their system within the home. The Dish Network allows this free of charge. But DirecTV charges for each additional television unit hooked up. This is very much the same for the way cable TV charges.
Similarly, DirecTV and cable TV both charges for HDTV equipment. The Dish Network, however, supplies that equipment free of charge to its direct television customers. This comes as a surprise since the Dish Network actually charges less for a basic package than their DirecTV counterparts.
There is one big advantage for football fans for DirecTV subscribers, and not Dish Network or cable TV customers. And this is the NFL Sunday Ticket which allows football fans to choose from over 100 Sunday games – as well as access to over 8 other subscription-oriented sports packages. With the technology that direct TV brings to your set, you could almost feel as if you’re at each game!
Aside from these variations, both the satellite TV suppliers tend to agree on what features they supply to their subscribers. First, they both offer completely digital channels – unlike cable TV. Second, they both offer High Definition TV (although DirecTV does charge for the equipment). Third, they both offer a relocation package should you move house and want to take your direct TV system with you. And finally they both allow for JD Power.
Now, the number of channels provided by direct tv and cable is vastly different. Dish Network and DirecTV both offer over 220 channels to subscribers (this is a maximum total and so not available to all subscribers), compared to cable TV which offers only less than half of this at around 90 channels to choose from on its network.
Differences aside, there are some similarities between the three different companies. For example, the satellite TV companies and cable tv allow for multi-channel viewing: if the television is linked to the system, then each television on the system can be tuned to a different program. Plus, all allow for local sports programming. Even cable allows you to watch your local team in action, and they all have pay-for-view movies and events.
Despite all the above, satellite TV itself really have a huge impact, not just on the visual standards of what we watch but their advanced technology gives access to so many more programs than we ever previously dreamed of. Thus allowing subscribers of many diverse interests to be catered to than is possible using the cable TV companies.
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About The Author[Flickr:Image:Large]Book your Dish Network today! And get the best alternative to your cheap cable TV and best entertainment your home. For more information please call 1-877-378-8525 or visit http://lowincomecable.comI am not a tech guy, just need internet for my 2 bed apartment sharing one tv, one laptop, one ipad and one desktop so, interms of internet speed At&T Uverse really sucks.. I had TW for almost 7 years as I don’t have an option to select AT&T service in my area , waiting for other services to come in .. recently we recived AT&T service and switched to AT&T – 29.99 monthly plan for 10-12 MBPS as advertised and started all the trouble, the speed is not good having everyday trouble watching netfilix it was just streaming at 0.5 -1.0 mbps really sucks.. I never had such problem with TW. BTW what is fiber optics just a cheap cable hooked up to my telephone wall jack ?Just think once before you switch.

How to save money on Cable TV

Saving money on cable TV is not as easy as many people think. We make efforts to save money on many other things, like groceries, credit cards, gas, insurance. Why not save money on your cable bill that most of us are paying monthly for years at a time.

The first step in saving money on cable TV is to realize that competition brings prices lower.

Rule #1 – Check to see which cable companies provide service in your area. The more companies that service your area, the more chances you are to find introductory prices or free bundles for the first few months.

Rule #2 – Always ask for current specials or deals. Many large corporations provide ongoing promotions that they will only give you if you ask.

Rule #3 – Check online for coupon codes or promotional value deals. Many online specials will be accepted via phone.

Rule #4 – Unless you have a specific need for premium channels or sports packages, always start with the basic cable prices and add additional services when needed.  Don’t initially accept the bundled packages unless you know that adding individual services will cost you more in the long run.

These are just a few ways to save money. For more money saving tips, visit us on our website Low Income Cable or call directly (877) 650-4383

Best Digital Cable For the Money

If you’re in the market for the best cable and satellite TV providers, you’ve come to the right place. Low Income Cable is your source for low cost cable and internet options, no matter where you live in the country. We help you locate the best TV providers, the best digital cable, and the best high speed internet providers all with one phone call.Finding these deals is simple – call our toll free number (877)650-4383 and we will link you up with the provider in your area that’s offering the best deals on single services, or if you’re looking for the best deals on bundles. Low Income Cable works with multiple cable companies like Time Warner, Dish Network, DirecTV, Whitefence, and more! Are you looking for cable availability by zip code? We can help with that too. Just give us a call and we search your area to find you the best package deals.
Call Toll Free: (877)650-4383

10 Easy Ways to Pocket Huge Savings

Saving  money can be a huge challenge for many, but for those who are in the know, realize that saving money can be a cinch. The trick that many of our users have been practicing for months is by finding multiple ways to save small amounts of money, and then when you look at a bunch of small savings over a month-long period, you’ll see that the small savings turned into something significant.

The #1 method that has worked for thousands, is to reduce your cable and internet bill. There are many companies out there offering the exact same product. We all turn on our TV sets and our cable boxes and we flip from channel 2, 4, 5, 7, etc.. We’re all pretty much seeing the same shows.. And the so-called premium channel packages consist of 200+ channels and more than half of those are in a language that we can’t understand. The moral of the story is that no one cable company has channels that another cable company can’t get. They all have access to the same product, why should you pay the higher price than the person around the corner who’s watching the same shows at the same time that you are. Cable company “Low Income Cable” works with multiple cable providers to shop around and provide you with the best deals at the best prices.  Here’s another tip. When you’re calling around to get new cable service, be sure to ask if there are any deals or promotions. If you don’t ask, many companies won’t volunteer it. Try Low Income Cable (866)944-1755

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Low Priced Digital Cable Television

Low Income Cable is one of the first digital cable TV companies to promote low cost cable packages. With over 100,000 customers nationwide and growing, our customers are quickly learning how cutting costs in many small areas can make a huge difference.  Digital television typically is not very affordable, but with Low Income Cable, we’ve brought the savings all the way home! Packages include digital HD, the ability to record up to 3 programs at once, and you can even bundle your high speed internet.

Call today for digital cable television in your area (866)944-1755

Cable TV Deals for Texas Residents

Low Income Cable is announcing multiple cable TV and satellite specials for the Lone Star State. Texas is unique for many reasons. The cities and the populations are diverse, the overall makeup of the state gives you the perfect mixture of city living, but with a taste of the Old West. Texas was the perfect location for Low Income Cable to branch out and reach out to the thriving communities and local neighborhoods to provide affordable cable TV service.

Do you cable available in my area?
Of course we do. Low Income Cable provides cable and satellite service in all cities in Texas. From Houston to San Antonio, and everywhere in between.
Get affordable basic cable TV services at prices our competitors can only imagine. We also carry the best bundle deals on cable, internet and phone. If you’re looking for broadband cable or satellite internet, this is the place for you. Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t forget to call us (866)944-1755.