4 Ways to Save Money Right Away

In addition to showing you ways to save money on cable TV by calling Low Income Cable – I’ll also show you a few other was to save money on other every day tasks. Remember, the key to saving large amounts of money is making small cuts here and there. Several small savings create huge results.

By doing as many of these small things as possible, you’ll start to notice improvements in your financial situation. Obviously, everybody’s situation is different and all methods may not apply to each person, but try it and you’ll see for yourself!!

1) Turn off the television – Most Americans leave the TV on at night just for the light, or even for background noise. If your TV has a timer, set it to turn off at midnight, or at 2 AM. These small savings night over night will result in more money in your pocket at the end of the month. Just this one saving could result in nearly $200 per year.

2) Sign up for customer rewards if they’re offered – This sometimes seems like a pain if you’re not into it, but many of the customer rewards programs offer you a reward for being a frequent shopper or buyer. Yes, it’s in the company’s best interest to keep you as a returning customer, but if they’re offering you a benefit to buy from a place you were going to shop anyway, you might as well take it. Grocery stores, movie theaters, pharmacies, home  improvement stores. Nearly every type of major chain store has some type of reward program. This can be an additional $300 – $400 per year in savings.

3) Don’t be an impulse buyer – Some financial gurus tell you to wait 30 days before making a purchase for “wants”. Typically if you wait, you’ll realize that the purchase isn’t urgent and you can actually do without it. Sometimes it’s not even important enough for you to drive back to the store. Doing this you can save $400 – $500 per year in  unnecessary clothes, perfumes, or other small items that you can actually do without.

4) Ask for lower rates – If you have high interest credit cards, cable plans, or other accounts where rates can be negotiated, you’ll be surprised that just asking can make a huge difference. Ask for cable tv promotions! This is an easy $100 dollar savings per year.

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