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It it seems like your cable bill is getting higher and your ability to pay it is getting lower, that's because it's true. Since 2006, according to a Bernstein Research Senior Analyst, cable television faces an "Affordability Crisis".

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Cable companies have raised their rates approximately 29% since 2006. While cable companies prices are going up, incomes have been declining. Predictions show that tens of millions of Americans will soon find themselves unable, or unwilling to pay the high costs of cable television.

Other studies have shown that after paying the necessities such as housing, food, transportation and other basic expenses, nearly two out of every five Americans have nearly $0 cash left for items that may be considered as luxuries, or "wants". Because of these facts, many Americans will either choose basic entertainment services, or opt for none at all rather than going into debt for such luxuries.

These facts have given rise to a whole new breed of opportunity. The Federal Trade Commission and major providers of broadband internet services teamed up together in 2011 to form an initiative called "Connect to Compete". The purpose of this initiative was to make basic connectivity services more affordable to average families who may be missing out or falling behind in society due to lack of resources or opportunities.

Through the "Connect to Compete" program, broadband providers offer large price discounts to low income households, with no installation fees. Qualifying for the program is not difficult for those on a fixed income. Anyone who qualifies for other government low income programs may be eligible for this program.

If you're one of the tens of millions of Americans who cannot afford cable TV or satellite TV service because of rising prices, you may qualify for the program.

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