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Discount Cable TV Services for Most Major Metro Area Cities

Low Income Cable has partnered with Dish Network to bring relief from monthly cable TV bills that are just too expensive. If you're one of the millions of cusotmers accross the country who is paying upwards of $100, $150, or even $200 per month just to watch television, well, guess what? You're paying too much. Low Income Cable has lower cost TV solutions for not only those with low incomes, but also for those who want to spend less of their hard earned money on paid TV. From basic TV service to our more advanced packages with all the upgrades, bells, and whistles, you're guaranteed to love our prices, our service, and what we stand for.

Low Income Cable partners with cable TV, Home Internet Providers and Utility service providers in nearly all states to ensure that consumers have access to competitive pricing on home entertainment and home utility services. Since inception in 2011, Low Income Cable has helped thousands of customers save money on their monthly bills. Get cable TV today!

Compare our pricing to the companies you're currently using, whether it be Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner, AT&T, Net Zero, and any of the other companies out there and you'll see why thousands are making the switch.

Our support specialist will help you to search for cable service by zip code, or even by your phone number. Get the best cable pricing being offered by digital cable companies in your neighborhood.

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Call Now: 888-542-1892


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